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US-2004050587-A1: Transmission line and device including the same patent, US-2004052128-A1: High speed memory array architecture patent, US-2004062018-A1: Exterior front panel assembly for accommodating and strengthening a computer card assembly patent, US-2004067508-A1: Method for the simultaneous amplification of multiple sequences in a pcr reaction and marking thereof patent, US-2004071004-A1: DC-DC converter patent, US-2004094396-A1: Push button patent, US-2004115235-A1: Adhesive device for capturing insects patent, US-2004136502-A1: Diagnostic quality control patent, US-2004146265-A1: Dispersion compensation module patent, US-2004147416-A1: Methods, compositions, and articles for odor control patent, US-2004162530-A1: Luer attachment for syringe safety patent, US-2004175281-A1: Air circulation using a fan patent, US-2004217282-A1: Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysis patent, US-2004219597-A1: Use of soluble cytokeratin-1-fragments in diagnostics and therapy patent, US-2004229522-A1: Jet propulsion boat patent, US-2004237950-A1: Method for controlling ignition parameters of a spark plug for Internal combusion engine patent, US-2004251619-A1: Medium conveying apparatus patent, US-2004264709-A1: Reduced stress taxi cab patent, US-2005002949-A1: Procedure to use staphylococcal bacteria patent, US-2005007319-A1: Display panel, light emitting display using the display panel, and driving method thereof patent, US-2005025710-A1: Reconstitutable formulation and aqueous suspension of gas-filled microvesicles for diagnostic imaging patent, US-2005048710-A1: Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-2005052614-A1: Nose pad assembly for an eyeglass frame patent, US-2005053027-A1: Improved dynamic time division multiplexing circuit without a shadow table patent, US-2005055552-A1: Assurance system and assurance method patent, US-2005056091-A1: Liquid level gage and illuminator therefor patent, US-2005069178-A1: Sensor for measurement for wet and dry fingers patent, US-2005078058-A1: Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel patent, US-2005086091-A1: Business level metric for information technology patent, US-2005114855-A1: Virtual direct memory acces crossover patent, US-2005115300-A1: Press-forming method, press-forming machine and press-formed product patent, US-2005122695-A1: Heat-dissipating fan device patent, US-2005160349-A1: Channel coding method and device patent, US-2005163510-A1: Short haul optical communications patent, US-2005171817-A1: Method and system for patient medical information management patent, US-2005177617-A1: Conflict resolution during data synchronization patent, US-2005194886-A1: Field emission display with reflection layer patent, US-2005209046-A1: Control of transmission shift points for hybrid vehicle having primary and secondary power sources patent, US-2005213355-A1: Switching power source patent, US-2005258984-A1: LDPC architecture patent, US-2005259228-A1: Projection lens apparatus and rear projection type image display apparatus patent, US-2006010567-A1: Headwear patent, US-2006034760-A1: Radiopharmaceutical formulations patent, US-2006084135-A1: Compositions for manipulating the lifespan and stress response of cells and organisms patent, US-2006094907-A1: Process and catalyst for producing hydroperoxides patent, US-2006096157-A1: Colored flame candle patent, US-2006124848-A1: Ion mobility system comprising two ims cells operated at different polarities patent, US-2006156035-A1: System and method for managing access to a storage drive in a computer system patent, US-2006176022-A1: Battery management apparatus patent, US-2006181233-A1: Light-splitting device patent, US-2006182432-A1: Collapsible mount type lens barrel patent, US-2006187758-A1: Power reserve display mechanism and mechanical timepiece having the same patent, US-2006190727-A1: Method and control program for operating a communication terminal for packet-oriented data transmission patent, US-2006195363-A1: Persistent object for online activities patent, US-2006195639-A1: System and method for dynamically allocating inter integrated circuits addresses to multiple slaves patent, US-2006218550-A1: Virtual machine for timing-critical tasks on microprocessors patent, US-2006229632-A1: Handpiece tip patent, US-2006249547-A1: Device for dispensing dishwashing detergent into a dishwasher patent, US-2006279983-A1: Storage device and semiconductor apparatus patent, US-2006284803-A1: Electroluminescence display device patent, US-2006288317-A1: Element arrangement check device and printed circuit board design system patent, US-2007001555-A1: Quartz resonator reed, quartz resonator, and quartz oscillator patent, US-2007002592-A1: Switching power device patent, US-2007052958-A1: Scanning microscope with evanescent wave illumination patent, US-2007053819-A1: Process for destructively scrubbing methyl chloride gas patent, US-2007058313-A1: Controlling spas patent, US-2007069884-A1: Device, system and method of locating a wireless communication device patent, US-2007077426-A1: Process and apparatus for making improved glass micro fibers patent, US-2007091137-A1: Printer calibration method patent, US-2007099505-A1: High-frequency apparatus having high performance and capable of preventing entry of interfering wave into terminal patent, US-2007136141-A1: System and method that provides for trading monetary, goods, or services patent, US-2007146560-A1: Mirror/display assembly patent, US-2007180243-A1: System and method for using acoustic digital signature generator as oracle patent, US-2007201686-A1: Subscriber Line Interface Circuitry patent, US-2007206000-A1: Electronic Device and a Method in an Electronic Device for Processing Image Data patent, US-2007223729-A1: Sound System patent, US-2007226478-A1: Secure boot from secure non-volatile memory patent, US-2007272533-A1: Keyboard with wobble prevention structure patent, US-2007280335-A1: Multi-input multi-output system and method for demodulating a transmitting vector in a receiver of the system patent, US-2008002791-A1: Likelihood detector apparatus and method patent, US-2008036767-A1: Apparatus and method for selecting visualizations of multidimensional data patent, US-2008068052-A1: Frequency doubler using dual gilbert mixers patent, US-2008079135-A1: Package assembly pinout with superior crosstalk and timing performance patent, US-2008081611-A1: Method and apparatus for sharing cellular account subscription among multiple devices patent, US-2008120068-A1: Generating an analytical model of a building for use in thermal modeling and environmental analyses patent, US-2008123723-A1: Data transmission/reception system patent, US-2008134444-A1: Synthetic-Rich Fabrics patent, US-2008145091-A1: Image forming apparatus and power coupling device thereof patent, US-2008165373-A1: Image forming apparatus to compensate monochromatic color and method thereof patent, US-2008177082-A1: N3 alkylated benzimidazole derivatives as mek inhibitors patent, US-2008180312-A1: Radar patent, US-2008188097-A1: Electrical connector with guiding poriton patent, US-2008198595-A1: Electronic candle patent, US-2008215265-A1: Electronic apparatus patent, US-2008222840-A1: Cleaner Head For a Cleaning Appliance patent, US-2008236236-A1: Wheelhouse robotic roller hemming patent, US-2008244578-A1: Managing and Supporting Multithreaded Resources For Native Code in a Heterogeneous Managed Runtime Environment patent, US-2008273693-A1: Efficient encoding processes and apparatus patent, US-2008279036-A1: Control for a truck mixer patent, US-2008298735-A1: Method of biasing and operating electro-optic polymer optical modulators patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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